The West Cork Underwater Search and Rescue unit relies on the generosity of the public to carry out our services. We do not receive any financial support from the government and do not receive any grants whatsoever. Therefore donations, no matter how small, are extremely important to us. We employ no fulltime staff as part of our organisation, all of our members are volunteers and selflessly give their time for free to help others.

Please visit our donation page on ifundraise if you are interested in making a donation to the unit. Remember, any donation no matter how small would be appreciated.


The list below details some of the equipment we are currently fundraising for.

1. 7.50 metre RIB with twin engines with navigation and safety equipment €67000. This is for to operate safely with a team of 8 divers at any one time.

(REF: West Cork Underwater Search & Rescue Facebook page) In what was one of the largest dive recovery operation in West Cork, 96 volunteer divers from all around the country carried out over 244 dives in 36 hours all driven by a common desire to return the young man to his family. Aided by a fleet of up to 14 boats, the fleet of 10 dive RIBs, one Army RIB worked along side the Garda and Navy diving units throughout the entire operation. It was a complex operation, carried out over difficult terrain all the time subject to ever changing weather conditions. Coordination of events offshore was helped by the use of the SafeTrx vessel tracking app which allowed us to track all vessels involved and provided added security to the overall operation. Specifically we would like to thank the following dive teams for their help and assistance throughout the operation; Irish Naval Service Diving Section, Garda Diving Unit, Atlantic Divers, Daunt SAC, South Coast SAC, Blackwater Search and Rescue, Mallow Search and Rescue, Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service, Lough Ree SAC, Shannonside SAC, Kilkenny SAC, Oceandivers, Cahir SAC, Dundalk SAC, Ennis SAC, Roscommon SAC, and the many individual divers who offered their services. Thanks also to the Irish Army Engineers, Valentia IRCG, the RNLI and the Civil Defence for their assistance and support. Our logistics were greatly aided by the people of Baltimore who opened their homes to the divers and offered their time and resources to help feed and provision the dive teams. Local businesses including shopkeepers, boat operators, hotel and accommodation owners, publicans, fishermen and sailing clubs all offered direct support and assistance to the search effort. The operation simply would not have been possible without this huge community support and the direct help of both Maura O’Regan and Ann Kelly. We would also like to offer our sincere condolences to both families. Thank you. West Cork Underwater Search and Rescue Photography: Emma Jervis

2. Side-scan equipment for to identifying underwater objects and layout of the sea bed, €27000.
This important item will assist us in the underwater search as to identify  the type of complex sea-bed we face and tell us the most effective search pattern or any hazards that are there.

Image courtesy of Lewis and Clark Legacy 2001

3. Underwater camera. €24500.
The cameras help us in low visibility as well as records what we see in real time so that the support crew on the boat can help with the search. In conditions where its not safe for divers to be in the water, the camera will allow us to search the sea bed.

camera and rov

4. Equipment for a team of 8 divers. €44000.
Equipment we need to search safely, Drysuits, SCUBA units with underwater communications,
Full face masks, Accessories such as fins, knives etc.

sar diver small

5. Transport in the form of a command unit in which we can carry the equipment and use the space to plan and coordinate the search as well as support the back up team. €23000 second hand


Please contact us directly on if you are interested in making a contribution.