The West Cork Underwater Search and Rescue unit consists of a dedicated team of volunteers whose objective is to search for missing people underwater and recover them for their families.

The unit was originally established in response to the Tit Bonhomme tragedy off Union Hall, West Cork in January 2012. Recognising the need to support the local sea-going community, a group of experienced divers based in West Cork founded the West Cork Underwater Search and Rescue unit to respond to situations like Tit Bonhomme.

Our purpose and aim is to provide underwater search and rescue expertise in a range of situations, including water rescues, searches for missing people and be able to provide support at incidents as required.

We want to share our dedication for providing the best possible care to the people and the communities in which we live, work and play. The unit works closely with other underwater search and rescue organisations including the Naval Service and Garda diving teams. The unit also closely liaises with the Irish Coast Guard, RNLI and Civil Defence search teams during call outs.

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